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Ruffel Pillow

Today I created this beautiful ruffle pillow from Laurel over at Ducks in a Row. She has fantastic sewing projects that you should definitely check out! I had a little difficulty following the instructions because I used a 12X16 pillow. And the ruffles were just plain hard! I had to recalculate all the dimensions… and it is sad to say, I even had to use this (shut your eye’s mom!):

My mom (an algebra professor) would be so disappointed…

3 and a half hours later, however, I had this:

Here are my modified instructions for the ruffle pillow for a 12X16 pillow:

I got my supplies for Jo-Ann Fabrics. They are having a GREAT deal on pillows right now (50% off). My total costs for this project (including zipper) was about $7.

Step 1: Cut two pieces for the front: 7 X 16.5

Step 2: Cut one piece for the back: 12.5X16.5

Step 3: The ruffle… this was tricky. I cut my fabric according to the instructions and ran out of length for my ruffles. I was able to sew additional fabric to my ruffles and just folded it in one of the creases. You would never know it was there! I would estimate that the length should be about 3X the length of your pillow. I also found that I wasted a lot of fabric in the ruffle because I had made it about 6″ tall. I would suggest using these proportions for a pillow my size: 4″ X 48″

Step 4: Iron all your fabrics!

Next, I sewed the bottom edge of my ruffle fabric so it wouldn’t fray:

Now it is time to start making ruffles. Get comfy. This takes awhile!

I would try to give you step by step instructions on the ruffles. But it is really a trial and error and error and error.. did I mention error? Here is step by step photos of what I did which explains the process much better than words: Just aim for equal width ruffles and you can really customize it however you want!

Remember to Iron after every fold to hold it in place:

And if you happen to run out of fabric like so: Attach additional fabric, and hide it in a fold.

Once your ruffles are done and ironed, pin them profusely before transporting. You don’t want to lose all your hard work…

Instead, pin them like this:

If you made it this far, congrats! The hard part is over!

Now to the sewing machine:

Sew one of the front pieces to the ruffles and then sew the two front pieces together. Make sure to check out the length of your ruffles.  You can sew them at whatever length you think would look best! After it should look like this:

Next: sew on the back piece and make sure the pillow will fit! (You’re almost there!)

And finally add the zipper! I will not begin to attempt to tell you how to sew on a zipper. I broke the needle off my sewing machine, and jammed the sewing machine with thread attempting to do this without instructions… But here is what it should look like when complete! Make sure to sew the edges of the bottom before adding the zipper so it looks nice and finished.

And now, you have a beautiful ruffle pillow for half the price!  Is this better made with love? I’d say that’s a definite yes.


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  1. wow! My favorite is the “DARE to resist drugs and violence” ruler in one shot, and the beautiful engagement ring in a another! This pillow is beautiful!


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