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Envelope Pillow

So that great pillow I blogged about yesterday…. well… the BEST thing about it  is that is has NO ZIPPER! The second best thing about it is it only took 10 minutes to make (and I’m new at this whole sewing thing, so you could probably do it in 5!).

Here’s the how to for a 16X16 pillow:

Step 1: Cut the fabric:

Width: One inch wider than your pillow dimensions (17inches)

Height: Should be doubled and then add 6 inches (16X2 + 6).

So my fabric should be cut to make a 16 X 38.

Step 2: Hem the short sides of the fabric (fold the edge a half inch, iron, fold a half inch, iron, and sew)

Should look something like this:

Step 3: You need to lay the fabric (inside out) so that the two hemmed edges overlap. To ensure that  my 16 inch pillow will fit once the pillow is sewn shut, I measured an extra half an inch (16.5 inches).

Step 4: Pin in place.

Step 5: Sew along the un-hemmed edges.

Step 6: Place on pillow!

A quick and easy solution to update the look to your room, or cover up an old worn out pillow!


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