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Architectural Giveaway

If you have not been to Remodelaholic, you must visit their website! Cassity is always posting great remodeling ideas and projects that she and her husband have done. All of her ideas are great for those on a tight budget…. and let me say…. by the quality of the work, and the turnout of all their projects, budget is the last thing I would think of.

Cassity is currently giving away an Architectural portrait (see here).

For those of you who don’t know, my dad and Carolyn recently purchased a new home. If you haven’t been to our old (and I mean late 1800’s old) house, you would understand why they are moving. While it is beautiful with all of its historical detail, it is HUGE. I guess with 6 kids, a golden retriever, bunnies, and 2 parents,  it had to be huge. But now with all of the kids moving out, the big house isn’t really necessary, or easy to care for.

I was recently talking with Carolyn about the move, and she told me how sad she was that we would no longer have Christmas in such a memorable place. And she is right… this house has so many great memories. I remember hiding David’s mattress in one of the many secret closets in the house. Many games of neighborhood “Capture the Flag “. And of course my favorite…. Christmas morning waking up to a toasty fire, screaming kids, and Marykate (my little sister) sleeping close to the presents (keeping an eye on them of course).

An Architectural portraits would be beautiful and a wonderful way for my family to always remember our home, roots, and time growing up together.


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