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Ann Taylor Loft Flower Pin Reveal

Remember this beauty I posted about.. oh… a month ago?

Well, the tutorial is FINALLY here! 🙂

I tried making the flower pin out of two different materials. A thicker felt and a softer felt. The softer felt (which is the one I use in the tutorial) frayed… a lot. I would recommend going with a true felt fabric, even if it is not as soft. The pictures above are of the thicker felt.

Start out by determining the size of flower you would like. You will want to open this picture up in a new tab to get a larger image of the template. You can trace the template to make whatever size flower you want. Ultimately, the width of the template will be the width of the flower.

Start out by making 7-8 copies of this template:

After cutting out your fabric. You will start folding your first “petal” in half and then into half again, like this:

You then will sew that petal onto a base cut out. It should look like this:

You want to make quite a few stitches because it is all that is holding the petal in place. You also want to make sure to only sew the base of the petal (like I am doing in the picture). This allows the edges to remain elevated and form a full looking flower.

Then do this three more times: (Notice: you want all of your petals to lay in the same direction (so that the open edges face the unopened edge of the petal it is next to))

Once all four petals are in place you want to fill in the top portion of the flower. These petals are folded in a different formation. Fold your petal in half and instead of folding it into a quarter, you roll it. It should look something like this:

You just use these rolled up portions to fill in the top of the flower. Again, you only want to sew the base of the petal to the center of the flower. This takes practice in order to position them and sew them so they hide the stitching in the center of the flower.

I used 4 rolled up petals for the center with the thinner fabric because I felt that it needed more filling. With the thicker fabric I only used 3 rolled petals.

This is what the final image should look like:

You can just add a pin, or bobby pin and wear it on a sweater or in your hair!

And there you have it…a $20 Ann Taylor Loft pin for less than a buck!


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