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Room Makeover… for under $15?

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I moved home for the summer. (my last summer as a college student!!… for now). My room is just FILLED with mismatched everything. I couldn’t stand it. So I went on a hunt… for a bargain… in our basement.  I looked around at various thrift shops too and picked up some odds and ends for decor. Now… my bedroom was recently painted this light blue color. I think we spent at least 2 days filling in all the nail holes in my walls. And since this is my last summer at home… I had strict instructions from mom: NO NAILS IN THE WALLS! This definitely posed a challenge…. but I think I pulled off something aesthetic that will get me through the summer.

Now here’s the before:

The open shelving was just terrible… it looks so sloppy!

And here’s the after:

To touch up the bed I found a cream colored blanket to cover up the pink flowery one that doesn’t really match the bedroom. Pillows I already had. Tutorials are in my previous posts!

 All I need to do is refurbish a real desk, make sewing machine cover out of matching materials, and things will be looking pretty good!

Here are more details on some of the projects I did for my room:

I updated furniture I already owned! I just used some sliver paint to outline the drawers and spraypainted the handles. It was super easy and it felt great to repurpose something that otherwise may have been thrown out! Can you believe this dresser was the same dresser in my baby room 23 years ago?

I then used an empty tea tin, twine and some fabric I bought at a thrift shop for ($2) to create a cute accent.

I used extra fabric to cover up this lamp shade (Lowes) and lamp (thrift shop) for $7. I attached my flower pin that I had already created (tutorial in a previous post)!

I bought a couple other accessories that totaled to about $3. A whole room makeover for under $15! Now that’s a deal and definitely a bedroom I will enjoy :)!


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