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Centerpieces- Take 2

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So… Alex wasn’t a huge fan of the pink centerpieces…. Remember these?

I guess I can’t blame him. I would be a little weary of pink centerpieces too if my fiance told me that meant the guys should wear pink :).

He also mentioned he liked the idea of branches in the centerpieces. Out of joy that he is expressing an opinion about our centerpieces, I knew I had to give it a shot!

For the longest time I couldn’t decide on a color scheme. I just love the look of these flowers and how it really keeps the possibilities open. It’s so fresh and clean. It is also a little rustic looking, which is definitely my style.

To give it an even more rustic look, I added twine around the vase, and then would put a table runner or tablecloth under it made out of burlap.

Here’s the price breakdown:

Vase: $1 (dollar tree)

Flower: $2 (Hobby Lobby)

Branches: $0.5 (Joann store closing clearance)… typically would be $4 a table.

Greenery and Baby’s Breath: 2.5 (Horrocks)

Twine: $0.10 (Joanns store closing clearance)

Fabric: To be determined

TOTAL: $6.10

However, I do think the ferns/baby’s breath would be cheaper when purchased in bulk. Ultimately, on the expensive side (with full priced branches), my total would be around $ 9.60 a centerpiece.

That leaves me $5.40 left to spare for fabric and candles!

So what do you think? Pink or the white branches centerpiece?


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