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Photography Lesson- Shutter Priority Mode

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Ever since getting my Canon Rebel back at the end of april, I have been dying to get some cool shots with the water smoothed out like this:

I am reading “Getting started in Digital SLR Photography”. It is a magazine I picked up at Barns and Noble. This is the author: It teaches you the basics of how to use a DSLR camera in manual mode, instead of in automatic mode.

The picture above is created in the Tv mode (shutter priority mode), which is the mode that allows you to control shutter speed. By slowing down the shutter speed, moving objects (like water) will blur in the image (see above image). However, with a slow shutter speed, the picture can turn out over exposed like this:

In order to prevent overexposure, you will need to do three things: get the shot on a cloudy day or when the sun is at its dimmest. Use a neutral density filter to help decreases the amount of light that gets through during the shot. And finally, use a low ISO setting (or low light sensitivity) to decrease the amount of light.

Because of the long exposure mode you will also need to use a tripod (or have perfectly still hands), otherwise camera shake will create movement and your picture will be blurred. To decrease camera shake even further, use an external shutter release.

Hope that helps some newbies like me out there!

Here’s my first try at it (no laughing allowed 🙂 ): I didn’t realize that these shots should be done on overcast days until I went out at noon on a gorgeous, cloud free day and got this:

I hope to have more tips and tricks for you as I begin experimenting!


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