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Bridesmaids bouquets

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I went to a local flower shop to get an idea for how much fresh bouquets would cost for our wedding. Bouquets at their cheapest are around $60/bouquet. For something that dies within a couple of days I was in total shock at the cost. To make things short, this did not really fit in our $20/bouquet planned budget. Therefore, we are once again doing the DIY route.

We bought 12 roses for $12.99, baby’s breath for $1.99, Ribbon for 0.59cents, and some greenery for $1.99 and a whole role of green floral tape for $1.99. The total for my bridesmaids bouquets will be ~$18.

Here is the finished product:

The green seems dominating…. you can barely tell it is a dozen roses. So I moved the greenery to the outside:

Much better :). I would love to add a little crystal onto the ribbon too. The girls will wear a chocolate brown and the guys wearing a champagne color. I thought having the girls carry the color of the guys vests would pull everything together nicely. Now to see the test of time. How well will a handmade bouquet hold up? Check back to find out!


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  1. These look amazing, babe. You never cease to amaze me.


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