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Birdseye Maple Handcrafted Rocking Chair

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My grandpa has been a craftsman for over 40 years, has built multiple homes, and has handcrafted many treasures for our family. When I was much younger I begged my grandpa to build me a tree fort. He thought it might be better for him to build something I could take home with me. A couple of months later, my grandpa gave me a hope chest. He has now created hope chests for all of my cousins…. all 18 of us. Throughout the years he has built baby cradles, rocking horses, a timber frame home (and many other homes) that are all very special to our family. I have to say this is my favorite creation of his. When he brought over my parents the rocking chair he had custom-made for them, I knew I had to help him get his business going. He truly creates family heirlooms for all.

This custom rocking chair, inspired by Sam Maloof, is the most comfortable rocking chair you will ever sit in. With lumbar curvature and a hand carved seat; you won’t believe you’re sitting on wood. These rocking chairs are wonderful family heirlooms and would make a great addition to a baby’s room, living room, or front porch.
He creates these rocking chairs custom fit with custom wood and design according to your specifications (starting at $2,100). He would love to create a handcrafted rocking chair for you and your family. Please feel free to email me if you are interested or would like to see more pictures at:

Also feel free to check out his Etsy site:

I will post pictures of his other designs soon!


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  1. Trying to reach you about your rocking chairs. I am trying to determine pricing.


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