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Centerpieces- final trial


3 hydrangeas = $6

91/2 inch vases = $1

Branches = $2

Total= $9


Bridesmaids bouquet– the vote!

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The roses held up great! I sat them out on the counter out of water for 4 hours today, and they looked beautiful and didn’t droop at all. Here are some pictures after.

But first… I need your help. Please take a minute to vote  on your favorite look: (I’m sure some of you are laughing at me thinking they all look alike…).

Bouquet #1

Bouquet #2

Bouquet #3

Thanks for the input!


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In trying to think of a cheap, but romantic entry way into our reception area, I came upon these Monogram Luminaries over at Here is my finished project. Feel free to read the rest of the blog for step-by-step instructions.

Step 1:First I printed my the L in the size and script that I liked best: Edwardian script. I then cut the template paper so that it would slide into my white paper bag centered and at the desired height.

Step 2: Slide the template into the paper bag. Check to make sure it is centered. You will want the template to be toward the upper half of the paper bag to provide a nice contrast in light. If it is too low, the L might not show up as well.

Step 3: BY FAR the most difficult step is tracing the template. If you are going to repeat this project and want to save time, I would blow up this picture and note my exact tracings. You cannot cut out the whole L shape out. Many of the loops in the L need to remain connected to the bag so that it remains looking like an L.

Step 4: Now it is time to cut. You will need an exacto knife and something hard to slide into the middle of the paper bag so that you only cut through one layer.

It took me a couple tries, but they turned out great! The best part: It only cost approximately $4 for all my luminaries!


Centerpieces- Take 2

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So… Alex wasn’t a huge fan of the pink centerpieces…. Remember these?

I guess I can’t blame him. I would be a little weary of pink centerpieces too if my fiance told me that meant the guys should wear pink :).

He also mentioned he liked the idea of branches in the centerpieces. Out of joy that he is expressing an opinion about our centerpieces, I knew I had to give it a shot!

For the longest time I couldn’t decide on a color scheme. I just love the look of these flowers and how it really keeps the possibilities open. It’s so fresh and clean. It is also a little rustic looking, which is definitely my style.

To give it an even more rustic look, I added twine around the vase, and then would put a table runner or tablecloth under it made out of burlap.

Here’s the price breakdown:

Vase: $1 (dollar tree)

Flower: $2 (Hobby Lobby)

Branches: $0.5 (Joann store closing clearance)… typically would be $4 a table.

Greenery and Baby’s Breath: 2.5 (Horrocks)

Twine: $0.10 (Joanns store closing clearance)

Fabric: To be determined

TOTAL: $6.10

However, I do think the ferns/baby’s breath would be cheaper when purchased in bulk. Ultimately, on the expensive side (with full priced branches), my total would be around $ 9.60 a centerpiece.

That leaves me $5.40 left to spare for fabric and candles!

So what do you think? Pink or the white branches centerpiece?


I am on the hunt for the perfect centerpieces.
And my budget: $15 a table.


This beauty puts me in at $11. I would then use my last bit of money to sew my own table runners or table clothes. Here is the cost breakdown:

-Flowers $5 (walmart)

– Votive candle holders $3 (dollar tree)

-Vases $2 (dollar tree)

-Rocks $1 (dollar tree)

My only issue is… the flowers are fake. But it is also hard to rationalize spending $60 for fresh ones….

What are your thoughts?

Ps. The flower pin tutorial will be up soon!

Save the Dates

Soo… I found this amazing Save the Date from the Wedding Chicks. They have great FREE templates for wedding invitations, menus, table numbers, etc. And did I mention they are FREE?

I plan to add an engagement photo to this fantastic STD template and add an outline of a red heart around the 5th. ❤